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Sunday, September 4, 2011

No Words

"Forest" Gus is history. It's Future Leader Dog Gus for real, now, as long as he passes his physicals next week.

We left him to his destiny last Thursday. It's been a pleasure getting to know this funny, intelligent, curious, helpful, determined, brute of a puppy. Gusto Gus!

Here, in pictures, our last day with FLD Gus.

FLD Gus picks up his old shoe-habit as we pack for our trip to take him back to Leader Dogs. He knows.

Glorious sun rays, filtering through morning mist and trees across our road, fill me with hope as we depart.

A quick stop at my sister's for a last Lab-wrestle with cc'd Rosie. Gypsy hollers with a premonition, "Oh no, you're not going to bring ANOTHER one home again are you?"

Cc'd Rosie (on the right) counsels FLD Gus. "Dude, it'll be alright! They have great food there!"

Andy, Natalie, and Sofia pose with FLD Gus in front of the Leader Dogs for the Blind's sign.

Seriously. FLD Gus is sad that there are never enough volunteers.

FLD Gus is more interested in the Leader Dogs kennel statue than taking ANOTHER photograph!

Natalie, looking sad. She's going to miss her buddy, FLD Gus.

FLD Gus gets his pick of new Nylabones while Natalie and LD staffer, Allison, look on.

FLD Gus looks back at me as if to question, "Alright, what's REALLY going on here?"

Nat sneaks a pet with FLD Syndey, a pal of Gus's, who is in for training too. (FLD Gus is right next door!)

Sofia says "good-bye" to FLD Gus.


FLD Gus--it is your "scary-smartness" that I will always remember!


  1. Blessings on Gus. Hoping he makes it!

  2. Thanks Dr. Momi! We've got our paws crossed for Gus. But we'll keep you posted on how he's doing!

  3. Good luck to Gus!! Thank you for all that you do with these puppies :-)

  4. Make us proud, Gus!

  5. Awwww, thanks Katrin! My pleasure. :)

    Anne & Co.--thanks for all you do, too!

  6. Gus (and Patti) are truly God's angels. You are both beautiful soldiers of God.