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Thursday, September 29, 2011

FLD Scout at (almost) 11 Weeks

A busy, busy six days in the city for FLD Scout.

FLD Scout finds nature in the city.

Visiting friends, mall-shopping, restaurants, doggie play-dates, soccer games, Home Depot trips, Lab-wrestling at the Bicegos, a meeting at Leader Dogs for the Blind, walking with traffic, hanging out with my nieces.

FLD Scout gets thirsty at Elaina's soccer game.

On our way back north, a quick stop back at Leader Dogs for puppy-shots.  All is good.

In just less than four weeks, FLD Scout is DOUBLE the puppy she was.  

Weigh-in = 15.8 pounds!


  1. Beautifully written as always. Carry on, Scout. To FLD Jet who is hanging out on his mat after attending his first perfectly-behaved office meeting, I say, "That'll do, Jet. That'll do."

  2. Awesome, Jet! (And thanks for the compliment, Suzanne.)