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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Ghost of FLD Gus

I'm trying to pretend that these things are just coincidence.

You know, that a puppy would naturally run immediately over to Gus's old "mat" and sit on it the very first time she entered the room.

FLD Scout, sitting on Gus's "mat," just like she knew what to do!

Yes, of course she would.

Gypsy showing off her stick.
Or, with a stick-crazed dog like Gypsy to set an example, a puppy would immediately try to drag around her own big stick.  (Well, big for her.)


FLD Scout, making off with a stick of her own.

AHA!  Here's a bigger stick!

At the beach, FLD Scout begs a stick to play.

Ok, so grabbing the stick out of the water just HAS to be a learned behavior from watching Gypsy.  FLD Gus never really cared about that--he preferred to chase Gypsy chasing the stick.

And, wouldn't you expect that it was normal for a puppy, if given the chance, to yank out weeds, flowers, and small saplings?

FLD Scout weeds around our square foot garden.

FLD Scout gazes up in feigned innocence, flower-bud between her lips.

FLD Scout tugs with all her might at a tree root.  (And eventually gets it!)

Most certainly.

FLD Scout thinks, "But, but, I don't know what got into me!"

"Something just made me do it."

BUT.  You have to admit.  It's pretty freaky.

It was this look in FLD Scout's eyes that really made me wonder.

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