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Thursday, September 22, 2011

FLD Scout's First Swim

Scout, safe on shore.

Andy launched Gypsy with a throw of a stick and Scout bounded unknowingly after her. Gypsy hit the water with a tsunami-splash.

Scout reversed on a dime, had there been one in the sand.

She was content, then, to sniff around the water's edge and wander into the shallows.

FLD Scout gets down and dirty.

Testing the water to get to a stick.

Later, when I waded into Grousehaven Lake, she bounded in to me without regard to the water's depth. Suddenly, she was swimming! And not the usual puppy's-first-time-in-water-slap-the-front-paws swim. She swam like a pro!

But headed back to shore anyway.

FLD Scout's muddy face.

Did she decide to wash it?

Yes, Scout, you are a pretty puppy!


  1. What a sweetie! Looks like Scout is already a water pro.

  2. Scout is glad to have her!

  3. Oh how cute! What an adorable puppy. Looks like everyone had fun. :) I happened upon a black lab yesteray during my walk and he (she?) followed me for a half mile. It was fun petting a dog again. Luckily the dog returned to its home and stayed there.

  4. Thanks Erin! And Kathy! How fun to have a new friend on a walk. And glad he/she returned home. Perhaps you'll meet again!

  5. She's precious!

    Just curious - did you get my LD report on Tucker for September?

  6. Hey Chelsea--yep, I did get your wonderful report--been out of town so will respond when I get home later this week. Good job!