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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Short-timer" FLD Gus--a good-bye poem

"what might be FLD Gus's last walk down Brady Road"

puppy pants steam a curl of pink tongue
and it's not even hot
today maybe a little muggy, clouds cling like lichen
I'm the first to spot the asphalt deposit, two-dollars and nine cents
in change, a motherlode of luck I think,
"A good omen
for his journey?  Or extra cash for dogfood
if he returns?"

I'm avoiding, distracting
with other words, other worlds like Gypsy--
if I can't see it, it isn't
really there, so I'm ignoring another
good-bye, a river and a ditch!

I wish
him dogspeed and
I haven't ruined him, showing him
how to clear the woods trail
I hope
he doesn't decide one day to grab somebody's ankle
and rip them out of the way for his handler to pass
carrying a long stick might be a better way
bruised calves and shins will part the crowds
like water

he brings me shoes again he knows something is up

a coyote serenade beyond the hill
screams my puppy breath addiction

one goes on
one more will pounce paw prints
on my heart

behind us
a lone loon moan
so long

FLD Gus winks at me. "Don't you worry about me, kid!"


  1. Aww! Good Luck Gus! Didn't realize he's leaving so soon!

  2. Best of luck to Gus. Also, big hugs to you!

  3. Thanks Erin and GirlRural! Gus is now at Leader Dogs for the next step in his journey to become someone's eyes. Next for us--a new puppy! (Announcement to come.) ;)

  4. ssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooo
    cute! I'll miss Gus, butt I'm very sure he'll get paired up with a devoted, loving, friend for life.
    I miss you and hope you come down soon. middle school's great, but I got lost once. I love Mrs. Samborski, she's so funny and nice and crazy.
    Anyway, I loved the poem and I love Gus and I will miss him.
    Love ya! -sofia

  5. I love you, too, Sofia! And I miss Gus, too. Scout loves to lay down on his matt and chew her Nylabones! So, maybe he's still with us in spirit. Whenever I hear anything about how he's doing from Leader Dogs, you will be the first to know.

    I miss you too, you are making me all warm and fuzzy inside! Maybe your school needs trail signs to help you find your way! Is Mrs. Samborski your homeroom teacher? I like funny, nice, and crazy all mixed up in one.

    I'm glad you liked my poem. It was important for me to write it.

    love you back! patti and FLD Scout!

  6. No, Mrs. Samborski isn't my homeroom teacher, in fact, we don't even have a homeroom. She is my 3rd hour teacher though. Miss you and love you,

  7. I miss you too, Boo. What class does Mrs. Samborski teach? love, patti