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Monday, August 15, 2011

See Michigan!

Andy and I went bicycling under cloudy skies along the wide and smooth Pere Marquette Rail Trail.

Approaching a bridge on the Rail-Trail.

FLD Gus hung out with puppy-counselor Tammy at Northwood Univsersity in Midland, the start/finish of "See Michigan," a benefit ride for Leader Dogs for the Blind.

FLDs, one cc'd FLD, one retired LD, and one LD mom (with their volunteers), pose in front of the "See Michigan" sign at Northwood University.

Andy and I didn't pedal the entire 30 miles to Clare (and 30 miles back).  Wafts of coffee and frying bacon snagged us off the trail in Sanford.  We caved for breakfast at Alex's Railside Restaurant (deeeeeelicious), and a much shorter ride.

Andy gestures "no handed" from his recumbent bicycle.  Luckily, my next picture was not of him lying on the ground!

Meanwhile, back at Northwood, Tammy had her hands full.  More than one Future Leader Dog female puppy "in season" flirted with FLD Gus.  He was VERY interested!

Tammy holding FLD Gus at bay.

"Gus did well especially around all those girls!!" said Tammy, although she did have to remind him to LEAVE IT every time one of the girls sauntered by.

FLD Gus kept his eyes on me when we returned to Northwood.

FLD Gus with Lion.

Thanks, Tammy, for giving FLD Gus some excellent training while Andy and I got to ride!


  1. Good boy, Gus.
    It can't be easy "leaving it" with all of those pretty ladies around. :)
    And a bike ride always requires breakfast stops.

  2. I can think of a couple Leader Dogs I've raised that might have freaked at that "lion" :-) Looking forward to following your blog...Jean

  3. Hi Jess, yes, breakfast is the secret reason we ride anyway!

    Dr momi--thanks for reading! Gus did pretty well with that Lion--perhaps his exposure to the girl in the cow suit at the fair helped!