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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Loon Fishing

It was a cooling evening after a hot, sunny day.  Andy wanted to go fishing.  I wanted to bring FLD Gus along because he's never been in Andy's boat and it was about time.

Those weren't the two birds I wanted to hit with my stone again.

We went to Sage Lake because Andy said almost every lakefront cottage has a big sign that shouts, LOON LAWS IN EFFECT, and I wanted to play with my new 200-500mm lens.

"Captain" Andy waves good luck!
Managing a strong 65+ pound Lab, who didn't mind the small boat but really wanted to be in the water, and trying to shoot pictures with my lens and camera on a tripod (repeat, in a small boat) proved to be a task. 

Luckily, we didn't find loons until we'd been on the water for a while and FLD Gus settled down.

"Captain" Gus just wants to get into the water!

The fishing report?

No luck on Andy's end; he graciously gave it up to maneuver the boat for my more successful photo-capture.

One beautiful loon.

The loon turns to look right at us.  FLD Gus was not interested in him...

...or these adolescent loons, who weren't too sure about Gus!

This group of 3 loons looked like Loch Ness sea-monsters.

The 3 loons grouped together when we cruised closer.  Having a meeting?  I wanted to ask.

One by one they ungracefully flopped across the surface of the water and flew away.

Thanks, Andy, for a marvelous evening!


  1. And we live here! (I have to pinch myself almost every day.) :)

  2. Glad to hear you didn't get capsized, or drop your camera in the water!