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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FLD Gus LOVES Visitors!

Monday morning FLD Gus had no idea; he thought it was a day like any other.  He was in for a surprise.

FLD Gus had never met anyone from Connecticut.  But suddently on Monday evening, there she was.


Petal enjoys the water at Grousehaven Lake on Tuesday.

Petal, originally from Michigan, was rescued two years ago by patti's friend, Linda.  This week Linda drove all the way from Connecticut to visit and see the "patch" for herself.

Oh, and also so that Petal could meet FLD Gus.

Petal and FLD Gus check each other out in Grousehaven Lake.

FLD Gus was VERY happy to meet Petal.  They swam and played together all day on Tuesday.

FLD Gus chases Petal, who just retrieved a stick that Linda threw.

Gypsy got into the action, too.  (Swimming is her favorite thing to do!)

FLD Gus chases Gypsy in the water.

Once again Gypsy fends Gus off of her stick.

FLD Gus doesn't care, he's just happy to be in the water with his new friend.


By the end of the day, the house was full of tired puppies.

Petal opens her eyes just as I click the camera!

FLD Gus lies paw-side-up on the living room floor.


  1. Love the paw-side up pic!! Looks like they all had a lot of fun!

  2. We all had fun! If you like the paw-print picture, you might like to look at the pictures on my post from October 22, 2010:

  3. What a fun day for the dogs! I hope the people had an equally enjoyable time. =0)

  4. We did! Once the pups were tired out, Linda and I visited Iargo Springs. Took pics of ducks grooming whilehanging out on the AuSable River.