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Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome Home

We finally made it back to the city on Thursday, clear sailing on the highway south after the "Snowmageddon" on Groundhog Day.  (See my post from February 2, 2011.)

Gypsy was confused.  She was finally adjusting to our new life in the north woods and here we were back in our now-almost-empty townhouse.  I don't think it was the deep snow that made her "hold" herself Thursday evening and most of Friday.  She was out-of-sorts and restless.

FLD Gus, on the other hand, rolled with the change.  He eagerly chowed down his dinner, readily parked, and napped fitfully.  When we went to my sister Anne's house, he wrestled with cc'd (career-changed) Rosie as if he had never been gone.  Trips to the Hometown Grill for breakfast and Loui's for pizza with friends on Friday night were old hat for my Future Leader Dog puppy.

After dinner on Friday we visited some friends, Larry and Donna.  FLD Gus wandered around as if looking for something.  Donna said, "Do you think he wants the mat we used before?"

That was over a month ago!  I don't know, maybe, I said.

As soon as Donna brought out the small, multi-colored rug, Gus went right to it and settled in patiently while we played cards.  Good mat, Gus!

Two quick nights and we were back on Interstate 75.  It felt weird driving north to elude the unpredicted whiteout in the city.  By Flint the roads were dry and we made it home safely.  Gypsy whined as we turned down our road; she couldn't wait to get out of the van.

FLD Gus popped up from his place at my feet.  "What's all the excitement about?" he seemed to say.

We're home!

Just one of our 35 birdhouses, welcoming us home!

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