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Thursday, February 24, 2011



Rosie and Gus--Lab wrestling at our place in the north woods!

We have a little riddle for you...please leave your guess in a comment.  And stay posted for the answer!

I am one of patti's nieces,
I am the one who bonded with Rosie at camping,
I have big hazel eyes,

Whose hazel eyes are these?

I always have my dark, brown hair in a pony tail,

And whose ponytail?

patti mentions me a lot in her blog
I (sometimes) go to my aunt patti's puppy classes.



  1. Can it be the lovely Sofia? :-)

  2. Hi Y'all,

    Just stopped by from "Dog's Eye View".

    Y'all have a pup with an awesome set of teeth!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. Leni! You got it! (Sofia was especially pleased.)

    Hey Hawk! (Those teeth are all "talk.") Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hey aunt Patti! Hi Leni! How is Mike doing?I am SO exited that you guessed right! Browndog, you said that about the teeth, that's my dog Rosie Dosie! Well gotta go!
    :) Sofia Bicego

    (PS) I had lots of fun skiing and just hanging out at your new house aunt Patti!

  5. Hey Sofia! I'm glad you had fun visiting us in the beautiful north woods. You are a natural-born skier! I went out this morning about 8:00 and skied the route we did yesterday--only backwards. The snow was cold and NOT sticky, so I had a great ski! See you tomorrow...

  6. Hi Aunt Patti! I heard Sofia telling me about your post. I had a lot of fun at your new house, too. Skiing was SO much fun! I wish I could ski everyday with you. Love, Natalie

  7. Hi Nat! I'm glad you had fun, too. I would LOVE it if you could ski everyday with me. You would laugh to know that I fell down today! And it wasn't even on a downhill. (I think I crossed my ski tips!) And I love you, too!

  8. Hi Sofia, Patti and all! Sofia how could I not guess right! You have BEAUTIFUL eyes and I've seen many pictures of you on your aunt's blog. Mike is doing GREAT!!! Adjusting very well to his new home. THANK YOU for everything all of you have done. He's an awesome dog!!

  9. Hi Leni! Thanks for keeping us posted about LD Mike. We are so happy for Wayne and you! (We knew he was awesome!)