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Friday, February 11, 2011

FLD Gus Teaches Gypsy How to Play

Scary-smart Gus tricks Gypsy into playing, even when she puts on airs.

Out in the backyard, Gypsy flaunts a two-foot-long stick, but try as he might, she won't play tug-o-war with Gus.

He waits.

Eventually she drops her stick, distracted by deer tracks.  Gus dives in, snatches the stick, and races past Gypsy.  She gives chase.  Gus glances over his right shoulder; he knows that's her approach side.  Gypsy catches up and stretches for the grab.

Gus deftly spins to his left.  Gypsy's teeth snap on thin air.  She launches a second attempt.  Gus twirls the stick just beyond her reach.

Gypsy prances off cat-like in feigned disinterest.  Gus tags along and times his drop.
Gypsy dives in, snatches the stick, and bolts off with Gus bumping at her side; she shoves the stick at him with a muffled growl.

Gus bides his time.  He knows she'll get distracted again.

Inside, there are no deer track distractions so Gus invents one.

FLD Gus getting Gypsy to play.
Gypsy plays with the blue Kong.  In her own weird way, I wonder if her rear-end-facing play-bow is an invitation.  
Gus must think so--he sneaks in, tempting her with the red Kong.


His strategy works--Gypsy drops the blue Kong and gives chase.  Gus squeaks by her and races back to the blue Kong to make the swap.

Gus, switching Kongs.

Gus taunts Gypsy; she falls for the bait and now wants the blue Kong.

"Gimme that!"

Gus play-bows an invitation; she lunges in.

"Come on, Gypsy, play with me!

This is her version of play.


But Gus has her figured out...and goes right on teasing!

Gus, teasing Gypsy.

Gus gets Gypsy playing, in spite of herself!

Way to go, Gus!

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