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Monday, February 28, 2011

27 Hours Later

The answer to the "Guess Me" riddle from Thursday, February 24 is "the lovely SOFIA."  Congratulations Leni!

WAHOO!  What a weekend.

Anne and her three girls arrived about 4:00 pm on Thursday, greeted by Gypsy's howling and singing.  Gypsy was not the only one happy to see them at our doorstep.

Anne, Sofia, Natalie, Elaina (and me) with Rosie and FLD Gus.

Twenty-four hours after my post on Wednesday, February 23, my prediction came true--FLD Gus and cc'd Rosie commandeered our living room.  However, this Lab Wrestling match lasted significantly LONGER than the "little over 24 hours" that I predicted.

FLD Gus & Rosie take a break.
The longest break that Gus and Rosie took (aside from when we kenneled one or the other of them, or "settled" them on "mat") was seven minutes, and that wasn't until around lunchtime the following day!

View of the Au Sable River at Iargo Springs lookout.
Natalie, Sofia, Anne, and Elaina at Iargo Springs.
294 steps UP.

FINALLY, after two hikes around our 13 acres, 294 steps down the wooden staircase to Iargo Springs (and back UP for spectacular views of the beautiful Au Sable River), and 260 steps down similar stairs at the Lumberman's Monument (and back UP), FLD Gus and Rosie finally gave it up, crapping out for the evening just before 7:00 pm on Friday.


Gypsy on the couch, FLD Gus takes up the floor.
Rosie curls up in the dog bed.
FLD Gus looks up (barely) from his MAT, where he moved to when Gypsy complained he was too close.

(More about our fun weekend to come...)


  1. I love Iargo Springs. I've never been in the winter, though.

  2. Hi Jasmine! Yes, Iargo Springs are spectacular! Thanks for reading!