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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FLD Gus's Trip to Town



(Here's a video of the storm, taken early this morning.)

We won't be going to town today; at least not until the roads get cleared and I can snow blow the driveway.  It's still snowing and drifting, so even if I clear the drive, it will fill right back up.

Andy and I postponed our trip downstate on Tuesday in deference to the "Snowmageddon" that was predicted for last night and today.  We'd rather be stuck up here where the snow is FUN!

FLD Gus snuggled up to me on the floor late last night; I wondered if he was grateful to get a "snow day" from puppy-class at Leader Dogs for the Blind.


The road west to Rose City.

We had no trouble getting to Rose City last Saturday.  It's nice not having so much salt on the roads...

The hill up to our house.  Dirt is spread instead of salt!

...and NO traffic!

Except for a few days before when we had to slow for three four-wheel-drive pickup trucks stopped in the middle of the road, men in camouflaged, insulated gear milling about.  I was sorry I didn't have my camera that day (and wished we had stopped to find out what was going on).  As the men maneuvered their vehicles out of our way, we saw what we thought was a massive cougar carcass strapped on to the bed of one of the four-wheelers.  Its head seemed to be the size of a volleyball!  Researching this later, I realized that the creature was most likely a bobcat, caught by these local trappers.

This picture on the Department of Natural Resources and Environment's website page, "General Fur Harvest Information" is close to what the carcass looked like, but BIGGER.

(We can't be too far back in the woods!)

Andy tasting wine.
FLD Gus experienced his very first wine tasting at the Rose Valley Winery, but I don't think he was impressed.  We took home a very nice bottle of "Summer Trails" (an interesting blend of 14 different varieties of grapes "left-over" at the end of summer) and "Clear Lake" ( a "light and fruity" white made from Edelweiss grapes).  Who knew that northeast Michigan is an up-and-coming wine community?


Of course, no trip into town is complete without a visit to our friendly neighborhood Green Ace Hardware!  Andy found what he needed to hang the stained glass that my Uncle Tony made for me years ago.

Me and FLD Gus trying to leave the hardware store.

I paused at the door so Andy could take my picture with FLD Gus, who was once again very well behaved.  

When Andy took a second shot, Gus looked up at me as if to say, "Well, are we going or not?!"

FLD Gus wanting to make sure we are leaving.

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