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Monday, January 31, 2011

FLD Gus is a WINNER!

Philanthropist and filmmaker Charles Annenberg Weingarten founded the multimedia organization "explore" to highlight individuals and non-profits all over the world (via photography and documentary films) who selflessly bring about social change.  His Annenberg foundation has granted over $15 million dollars to "more than 100 non-profit organizations worldwide."

"Dog Bless You" is a FaceBook channel to Weigarten's explore and features his dog Lucky (explore's official canine) in travels around the world.  Dog Bless You posts many interesting stories about dogs that make a difference, and welcomes stories by dog-loving fans.

This past December, Dog Bless You held a "25/25/25 Challenge Grant"--get 25,000 FaceBook fans by December 25 and Guide Dogs of America would get a $25,000 grant. Dog Bless You reached their fan goal, and explore upped their grant to $50,000! (Read about the Challenge on Guide Dogs of American's website:


Earlier this month, Dog Bless You opened "The Winter Woofy Awards" photo contest.  Fans could submit photographs of their dogs enjoying anything winter.  The top "like-getter" was supposed to be the winner, but Dog Bless You said that there were too many "amazing" shots, so they picked the top ten!

FLD Gus is one of the ten winners!

Snowboarding FLD Gus--our winning photograph!

On Friday we received a customized Dog Bless You coffee mug with his winning picture--FLD Gus snowboarding in Green Bay, Wisconsin (see my post of December 29, 2010 for a story about "Snowboarding Gus").

Gus and his winning coffee mug.

FLD Gus wonders what the fuss is about.

Thank you, Dog Bless You, for this fun and memorable gift.  As you can see, FLD Gus really enjoys it, but wonders what all the fuss is about!

And thanks to all of Gus's FANS who voted for him!

"What's that?  Is something in there?"

FLD Gus, checking out his new winning mug!

To read an interesting interview with founder Charlie Annenberg Weingarten, go to explore's website:


  1. This made me smile. Congrat Gus.
    Chris Reiher

  2. Congrats!!! I remember "like"ing your picture, but I must have missed the winners announcement.