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Monday, January 24, 2011

Packing Our "Stuff"

We were less than a week away to loading our "stuff" (thanks, George Carlin!) into the biggest U-Haul truck we could rent and hauling it all North to our new digs.  Andy worried that we wouldn't have things ready and asked if our nieces could help.

"Two girls want to help," my sister Anne said when I called.  "I'll bring them right over."

While Andy worked on dismantling his basement wood-working shop, the girls helped me pack books and coffee mugs.  (That was one smart thing we did, using SMALL boxes for books!)  Natalie took charge of wrapping mugs in newspaper; Sofia emptied the bookshelves that Andy had custom-built in our tiny living room.

I had trouble keeping up with the two of them--my job was to tape the boxes shut, label them, and stack them up for moving.  Less than an hour and a half later, our job was almost done.

Packing can't be all work.  Nat and Sofia took particular interest in a glass vase full of wine corks I saved from our kitchen-bridge dinner parties.  "Can we see those?" one of them asked me.  Sure.  We all plopped down at the kitchen table for a rest.

Nat & Sofia's cork log-pile.
"Wow, look at all of these.  Let's take them out."  Small hands regardless, Nat and Sofia still couldn't grab more than two or three corks at a time to get past the narrow mouth of the vase.  I poured us water (Nat preferred Grape Juice) and watched in amusement as they began a systematic sorting, first by color, then by brand-names etched on the corks.  Before long, pyramid-building began.

I wonder what will happen if I take this away?  I said reaching for one of the mugs Sofia used to support the cork log-pile.  Natalie screamed as corks crashed across the table.

Nat screams when I pull the stops out.

Not one to miss out on any action, FLD Gus scampered over.  Gypsy growled as he bumped past.  She wasn't sure exactly what was happening with all the packing commotion, but she was sure it couldn't be good.  She kept in high alert between us girls and the stairs going down to the basement.

Nat slipped off her chair to the tile floor to snuggle with Gus, who no longer fit in her lap.  (See my post from October 11, 2010 to see how much he's grown!)  "You know," she said, "I'm excited and happy for you and Uncle Andy, but still, it's a little sad."

Nat and FLD Gus, who weighed in at 39 lbs at 6 months.

Yep, I know what you mean, I said.  I'll miss you girls...but you can always come and visit.  And we'll be back to see you, too!


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