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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snowboarding Gus

In Green Bay, WI, the snow is deliciously deep.

Under the glistening glow of holiday lights, Alec and his dad, Chris, practice snowboarding down the snow pile in their yard.

Alec hitting the slope.

Snowboarding must be similar to skateboarding, so Chris offers FLD Gus a turn.  (See pictures of a very young Gus on a skateboard--my post of October 8, 2010.)

I barely set the board down and Gus leaps aboard and glides off.  He's a natural!

Gypsy gets excited when FLD Gus glides.

Gus has such a blast he grabs the board by its handle and drags it back to the top of the hill for another run

FLD Gus grabbing the board.


Snowboarding FLD Gus!

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