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Friday, December 3, 2010

A Tired Puppy

FLD Gus was comfy on the floor on the passenger-seat side of the van and did not want to jump out.  I squatted down and coaxed in my best "oh, what a sweet little puppy" voice, Come on, Gus, let's go!
We had just finished walking two and a half times around Clinton Township's George George Park with a good friend.  FLD Gus wanted a nap; he didn't want to get back out of the van and join my friend and me for coffee.
I waited a moment, then gave his leash a slight tug.  He gazed at the parking lot pavement, judged, and jumped.  Good boy, Gus!  It's a pleasure now that he's big enough to get in and out of the van by himself--he was getting heavy to lift!
"Awwwwwwws" erupted from behind the counter as we entered Tim Horton's.  "Is that a black lab?"  I smiled.  Remember my top ten questions post?  Yep, he's a lab. 
"Can he have some Timbits?" asked the young woman taking our order.  FLD Gus looked up with those gorgeous eyes.  "Oh, that's probably not something he can have, is it?" she adds, before I can answer.
FLD Gus obediently sat at my side as we ordered, calmly heeled with me to a table, and settled into a down next to my chair (after several repositionings from his loyal raiser, me).  Before long, Gus got a bit of the nap he so desired.
As we left, a customer sitting by the door remarked to us, "What a well-behaved puppy!  How old is he?"  Just over four months, I said.  "Well, he certainly has a great disposition to become a Leader Dog!"  (FLD Gus was wearing his blue Leader Dog Puppy-in-Training jacket.)  Thank you, I said.
I thought to myself, A tired puppy is a good puppy.

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