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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FLD Gus, Family Christmas

For us, the holidays seem to be a month-long affair--Noel Night the first weekend, our annual cookie-bake the Saturday after that, and my family party the week before Christmas.

FLD Gus was a trooper at Noel Night, and did just fine with the mayhem at my family Christmas.  I opted against taking him to the cookie bake, but seeing how well he behaved at our family get-together, I'm sure he would have been a welcome addition at the cookie-bake, too.  Oh well...

Here are a few pictures!

FLD Gus hamming it up under my brother's Christmas tree.

FLD Gus weighed in at 35 pounds last night at puppy-class.  Getting big!  He is very familiar with my nieces Natalie and Sofia, but this was his first meeting with Claire.  Gus didn't seem to mind the attention!

FLD Gus giving Claire a side-long glance.
Natalie loves puppy ears!  And FLD Gus is tolerant.

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