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Friday, December 10, 2010

FLD Gus, Second Snow

Our first snow on December 1 didn't really count as a good snow fall; after all it was just a dusting.  This morning, however, the ground was covered.  FLD Gus walked gingerly when Andy took him out to park at 5:15am, lifting his paws high and setting them carefully down.  "But then he took care of business," Andy said.

FLD Gus leaving paw-prints.
Before the warming day melted almost all of the snow, Gus ventured out into our little patio garden, and left "look-at-the-size-of-those-paws!" prints behind.

FLD Gus: I think I want in!

FLD Gus:  Yes, I definitely want IN!!!

FLD Gus's sparkly prints didn't last long.

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