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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rochester Christmas Parade

According to Leader Dogs for the Blind, the count was 47 on Sunday.  Future Leader Dogs that is, (and their puppy-raisers) who braved the cold to march with the Lions Club float in the Rochester Christmas Parade

FLD Gus and I marched.  Luckily this year, we gathered at Shield's Pizza for pizza and salad first, giving our Future Leader Dogs excellent experience in a busy restaurant--and with lots of puppies!  Then it was wait, wait, wait at the corner for the Lion's Club float to arrive.  It was a cold wait, but the cheer-filled walk down Main Street warmed us all up.

A big surprise for FLD Gus--we met his mom, Sienna!  Gus's tongue whipped faster than his squiggly lab body wiggled.  Sienna was happy to see him, but I'm guessing she was happy to send him on his way, too!

Enjoy some of the pictures I snapped of all the fun....

FLD Gus, settled under the table at Shield's, checking to see if I'm paying attention.

FLD Misha, rarin' to go!

FLD Aspen wants to go too!

FLD Gus, shivering while we wait for the Lion's Club float.

FLD Doug, embarrassed again!  Remember him and his tutu from Puppy Days?  Didn't he get big?

FLD Gus meets Sienna (mom).  Sienna looks up at her host Mary, Is this really Mr. Blue?

Sienna thinks, Yep, it's him alright!

Sienna adds,  He sure got big!  He's not coming home with us, is he?

FLD Gus can't stop licking mom Sienna.  I miss you mom!

No Christmas parade would be complete without Santa Puppy!


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