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Monday, December 6, 2010

My niece, Elaina, wrote this wonderful poem about the newest member of her family, cc'd Rosie.  Enjoy!

    -by Elaina Bicego, 2010

How about them licky lab lickers,
aren't they annoying?
Saying hello,
by tasting you.

Lickin' your feet,
Lickin' your ankles,
Lickin' your ears,
and your hands.

You stare at them,
and yell at them.
Nothing makes them stop!

Licky Lab Lickers,
greeting you at the door.
Drooling and barking,
so delighted to see you.

They're always going to be there.
Waiting, watching, anticipating.
They'll stay annoying,
but count on them to brighten your day!

cc'd Rosie, lickin' it up with Elaina



  1. I have a CC'd Licky Lab Licker in my house too!!! Lucky for her she's my bestest friend as well so I can tolerate that not so pleasant habit! :)

  2. Elaina, I have TWO Licky Lab Lickers! But I kinda like it! Better than those Scratchy Kitty Lickers! LOVE your poem.

  3. Thanks for both your comments, I will make sure that Elaina gets them! And thanks for reading, too!