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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Important positions need to be filled
as soon as possible!

Please click here to apply.

Finger Sweeper, Pooper-Scooper, Backwards Walker.

  • Must be able to take three steps back for every step forward without getting frustrated.
  • Must be able to spend the first weeks in training, around the clock with little sleep.
  • Must be able to continue training for up to one year.
  • Must be able to bend over frequently to remove objects from a needle-rimmed orifice.
  • Must be able to sit for long periods settling a squirming ball of fur while fending off well-meaning strangers.
  • Must be able to be accompanied by a four-legged "chic-magnet" almost everywhere you go.

  • Must be willing to routinely swap socks, remote controls, toilet paper, and miscellaneous household items with Nylabones and Kongs.
  • Must be willing to open your heart and home.
  • Must be willing to be adopted into a new family of supporters.
  • Must be willing to accept a wave of smiles whenever you are in public with your charge.
  • Must be prepared to participate in a life-changing endeavor.

  • No income.
  • Expenses to be absorbed by yourself.
  • Puppy breath and kisses. 
  • Gratification knowing you helped enrich another person's life.


This job is available immediately!
Fill out your application HERE.

Contact Leader Dogs for the Blind for more information.
Breeding stock host families are needed also!

(*This blogger does not necessarily endorse PetCo as a supplier.  Pet Supplies Plus has supported Leader Dogs for the Blind and are another great choice, but they do not have an on-line store.)

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