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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun at the Cabin

Here is a picture of a Monarch butterfly, like the ones that followed me and the dogs yesterday on our walk.  This one was resting on the side of the road as we walked by.

Andy and I took FLD Mike and Gypsy for a couple walks today.  We  checked out Thompson's Landing along the Au Sable River. 

Wow--87 steps down to the river.  And 87 steps back up!  Good stair practice for FLD Mike.

Andy and Gypsy are almost to the top.

Later, we took a short walk by the cabin.  And played.

FLD Mike sitting nicely at water's edge.

Andy finds Gypsy a stick.  Look who else is interested!

I think FLD Mike is happy to be up north with us!  (We are too.)

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