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Monday, August 23, 2010


Iargo Springs.  A 200 foot drop to water's edge via 300 wooden steps.  At the bottom is 1500 feet of boardwalk (and more steps!) along the forest floor, leading to views of natural springs, wild-flowers, and the Au Sable River.


Andy and I scaled these stairs when we stopped on our bike ride from the cabin to the Lumberman's Monument on Friday. (I also tackled the 260 steps down to the river at the Monument.  Andy declined.) 

I brought FLD Mike to Iargo on Saturday to practice stairs--well over 35 landings to pause, SIT, and HEEL.

FLD Mike, considering the descent.

The night's rain left the woods dripping in humidity.  Fog hovered above the icy waters of the spring.  As I crouched to take a picture of mushrooms on a log resting in the stream, chill licked my face.  My glasses fogged.

FLD Mike waiting patiently while I play with my camera.


Time to go.  Back.  UP.

Here's a short video of FLD Mike and me making our way...


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