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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Rosie Road, part 10 THE "PARK"

On Saturday, August 30, 2008, on the way out of the Leader Dogs for the Blind kennel, Andy takes my picture with Future Leader Dog (FLD) Rosie by the Leader Dog Statue.  I wonder how many times this statue has heard a camera lens click, both when seven- or eight-week-old puppies are picked up by their raisers and when one-year-old puppies are returned for their formal training.  Our Rosie doesn't seem interested at all.

I take Rosie to "park" (see note below) in the designated area, but no go.  Once in the van, I take advantage of this rare opportunity to snuggle her in my lap; after this first ride her official place will be at my feet on the passenger-side floorboard.  She's a bit whiny and squiggly, but after a few miles she falls fast asleep in my arms.

We stop by my sister Sue's house to pick up a portable pen that I'm borrowing from my nephew, Miley's owner.  I rouse Rosie and try to "park" her again, but all she wants to do is lie down in the shade on the cool grass.  It's a warm day, so Sue brings out a little bowl of water.  Rosie drags herself to it and drinks lying down!  I try for the third time:  Rosie. Park.  Nothing.  She sleeps on me all the way home; I'm beginning to wonder if we've got a lazy Future Leader Dog!  (Little did I know!)

I try to "park" FLD Rosie once we arrive home, but she still won't go. Andy brings our dog, Gypsy out to potty.  When Rosie sees Gypsy squat, she squats too!  Finally.

Way to go, Gypsy!  I give Rosie lots of praise, too.  We're on our way.

Note:  "Park" is the Leader Dogs for the Blind command for "potty."

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