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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When a Tired Puppy Finds Himself Stuck

After a long day of hikes in the woods of northern Michigan, FLD Mike is one pooped pup.  He wanders around the cabin looking for something soft to lie on.  There isn't much available on the hardwood floor, just a variety of rugs.

Gypsy is nestled on one of the couches, but we don't allow FLD Mike onto the furniture.  He doesn't seem to mind, but a cushy spot is always a lure.  On the drive back to the cabin from Alcona Park, where Andy had been fishing while I played with the dogs, FLD Mike tried to get comfortable on the van's emergency tool bag.  He settled for a perch on Andy's life-vest.

I feel sorry for the tired pup, so I toss one of the pillows from the day-bed onto the floor.  FLD Mike quickly takes advantage and curls his 50+ pound black lab body on top of it, with some success.  His eyelids can't stay open any longer.

Sometime later he rustles in his dreaming; FLD Mike was now stretched out over the pillow in an awkward position on his back.  He wiggles, and slides off the pillow to end up partially under the day-bed.  He keeps sleeping.

Andy and I relax with a Netflix movie, homemade brownies, and a bottle of Piesporter.  I hear a thumping noise coming from FLD Mike's direction.  I peek over the coffee table and there's Mike, wedged under the day-bed on his belly, his head and front paws sticking out from beneath the quilte that covered it.

What's the matter, Mike? I ask, stifling a giggle.  He tries to scoot himself out, but is only able to lift his head a few inches.  The rest of him is stuck tight.  He drops his chin to the floor and looks up at me with the crescent-moon-whites of his eyes underlining his dilemma.  I am surprised he doesn't whine or bark in frustration.

I have to get a picture of this, I say to Andy and jump up to get my camera from the kitchen table.

I think that FLD Mike knows when I am about to take an incriminating photo of him.  As I walk away from him, instead of coming to his rescue, he takes it upon himself to get out of this predicament.  I hear his struggle as I grab my camera, fearful I will miss my shot.  He just might be strong enough to lift the entire day-bed if he tries to stand up, I think.  I hustle back, switch on my camera, and swing it up to my eye.  In time!

FLD Mike somehow gyrates himself back over onto his side, which leaves him breathing room between the day-bed and the floor.  He scrabbles, and stretches, and scrabbles, and cranes his neck and head to at last pull himself free.

Unfettered, FLD Mike calmly plops himself back onto the pillow and falls back to sleep.  Nothing seems to bother this pup!

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