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Friday, June 4, 2010

FLD Mike: Master of Soft Places

From upstairs I hear the rain beat machine-gun drops onto our retractable awning.  I run down to check; the flapping awning threatens to levitate our townhouse.  As fast as I can I crank it up to safety, grab the patio-chair cushions, and duck back inside before I get drenched.  Just in time.

I set the cushions on the kitchen floor and head back upstairs to continue writing.

Some time later, the storm passes.  I need a break, and the dogs need a walk.

I find FLD Mike in the kitchen, comfortably curled up on the cushions. He raises his head, sighs, and nestles his chin back into the crook of his leg.  Dare I disturb his majesty?  You bet--Come on, Mike, let's go!

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