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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Rosie Road, part 3 MILEY

Intercepted emails from Miley in "doggy camp" to her little persons.

Hi kids!

I just want you to know I am having fun here at aunt patti's doggy camp.  I am learning to go potty outside.  (It helps that the snow is melting.)  Patti's dog Gypsy is showing me what to do.  Last night I slept all night in my crate.  I liked that patti put it in her bedroom in case I got scared.  (But I didn't!) I was ready to play at 6:30 this morning, but first I had to go outside to poop and pee, and after that Gypsy and I ate breakfast.  I have to "sit" before I can eat breakfast, lunch, AND dinner (patti is teaching me how).   Then I got to play.
That's me in the picture having breakfast (after I sat) in my new play yard in patti's kitchen.  It's all for me!

miss you, love and puppy kisses!  Miley

Sorry it's so late, but I had a busy day at work today.  Yep, I went to work with aunt patti and Gypsy.  You can see me safe in my crate in patti's work truck (I'm glad I have my bunny).  We went lots of places.  First I met everyone on patti's team really early in the morning (there were some BIG dogs there!), then we drove a looong way in her truck.  She let me get out alot to pee, but sometimes I got distracted because there were too many new things to see and sniff.  Oh, and I met a nice little doggie named Sam and his little person just about your age, Maddy.  

It rained alot today, but mostly I stayed warm and dry in my crate.  I got to eat lunch right in the truck!  Then we drove a looong way back home and played and played.  I'm getting good at chasing the ball and bringing it back, although sometimes I like to tease patti and run away instead.  Gypsy let me jump into her soft new bed she got from Santa!

I'm doing pretty good learning not to mess in the house, but patti has to pay closer attention to me.  She still hasn't figured out when I try to tell her "I gotta go!"  I had two mistakes today, but lots of other times I did okay.  I LOVE  to go outside, there are so many things to smell and chase, like leaves!  Plus, I follow Gypsy around.

I hope you are having as much fun as me!  I miss you!  Tomorrow we don't have to go to work.  I wonder what we'll do....

puppy kisses, Miley  (aunt patti says "hi!")

Hey Maddy!  I have to go to bed now, but I wanted to let you know how much fun I had today.  Patti is finally learning to know when I tell her I have to go out.  I gave her a good hint--I ran to the back door and she took me out!  I pooped and peed outside ALL DAY!

Patti made me a fun toy to keep me busy thinking.  She took a plastic bottle and cut a hole in it and then put some of my food in there.  I was scared at first, but then I figured it out--when I roll it around pieces fall out and I get to eat them! Is this what you do in school?

Patti teaches me lots of things.  When I fetch she tells me to "drop."  Sometimes I get excited and try to bite her hands or clothes, but she tells me "NO" and I stop.  I try to be a good puppy!

I miss you!  I can't wait to get home, but first I want to be the very bestest puppy I can!

love and puppy kisses, Miley


  1. This elicited LOTS of giggles and "read that part again"s from two middle-sized girls!

  2. Giggles are GREAT! Thanks for reading!