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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Poetry: A FIB Variation

Yesterday evening, Andy and I took FLD Mike and Gypsy to Metro Beach for a walk.  It is wonderful to be able to take our dogs into the park now.  Previously, dogs were prohibited, although Future Leader Dogs have always been allowed.  There are numerous opportunities for distraction training.  FLD Mike is a week away from his 9-month birthday, and mild-mannered as he is, he still challenges me during this adolescent phase!  The following poem was inspired by our visit to the Beach.

I expanded this "FIB" to 10-lines, reversing the number of syllables in each line after the sixth eight-syllable line, to highlight my struggle with distracted FLD Mike this night.  Try it yourself; leave me a FIB of your own in the comments box!  It's fun.


strains against
command, his teen-brain
coursing testosterone, coerced
to opposition.
Mike.  Heel.

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