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Friday, June 11, 2010

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Last night Andy and I watched part of Stephen King's predictable revenge-horror TV flick, Desperation.  Details of wild dogs working as evil guards, and King's use of a young boy as a hero caused me to stop watching.  His imagination always fuels my own and I did not want a restless night of vivid dreams!

FLD Mike had a busy day yesterday.  First a walk to the corner cafe  for breakfast and back with Andy, then a full afternoon being dragged along as I shopped with my friend, Lou.  The poor pup put up with several clothes-changing sessions in crowded fitting rooms.  At our last store, a weary FLD Mike slid into a down and stuck his head out the bottom of the short door.  Suddenly, his tail, slapping furiously on the tile floor, alerted me to a group of ladies waiting to use the room.  At least they had some entertainment!  I imagined them wondering to themselves, "What is that black dog doing sticking his head out from under that door?" 

Lou and I also stopped at the Selfridge ANG (Air National Guard) Base to pick up some groceries at the commissary, where FLD Mike is well-known (Andy is retired-Army).  "My he's getting big," one of the stock clerks remarked as we strolled by the meat department.  At almost every aisle turn, Mike balked, dropping his head down as he gazed up at me, much like he did a couple of weeks ago before we went to a Leader Dogs for the Blind puppy-outing at Dodge Park.  That day I guessed that the heat might have caused Mike's reluctance; this day I assumed he was simply tired.  Shopping is exhausting!

It was dinnertime when we returned home.  FLD Mike snarked down his dinner and then collapsed on a cool, soft place in the living room.  He slept away the rest of the evening, amusing us with his unconscious squeals and howls, eye-twitches, and leg-jerks.  Did Mike have a nightmare about trying to escape the ladies' fitting room?

So, by now you might be wondering why I introduced this story with how we stopped watching Stephen King's Desperation movie.

After "parking" the dogs before bed, Andy hit the hay while I stopped at my computer to check my email.  Not much new news, so after a few minutes, I crawled into bed too.  Just as I was about to doze off, Andy's legs started to jerk in a running motion, not unlike the way FLD Mike's legs did earlier.  He muttered and thrashed about.  I was completely awake to hear Andy cry out in his sleep, "Get that dog out of here, right now!"
I stopped watching Desperation to avoid the type of dream FLD Mike seemed to have after a day of traipsing through stores.  
Andy had the crazy dream, not me...I slept fitfully  (smile). 

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