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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today is the deadline for submissions to the 7th Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. On May 15 I will publish a summary with links to all posts.

To submit, just leave a comment (with the name of your blog, the name of your post, and a link to it) at the end of this post, or on the original "Call for Submissions," or on the "Call for Submissions TAKE 2."

It's funny how deadlines have become my "muse." I've been brewing about my own submission for weeks now, wanting to write about the effects that raising puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind has had on my life and those around me. I thought I would write about these things:

The effect on ME
How Leader Dogs for the Blind has become an extended family. How I find friends wherever I go--people who are also raising puppies, or hosting Leader Dog "moms" or "dads," or people who knew someone who did. How the more I learn about training puppies, the more I realize I don't know anything.

The effect on my LIFE WITH MY HUSBAND, Andy
How accepting a career-changed dog (Gus) into our household has caused increased expenses. How having three dogs (even if one is not really ours) changes our life-style, increases the burden on Andy, and causes travel difficulties.

A 7-week-old FLD Gus tries to nip Andy in the nose.

The effect on my FAMILY
How the involvement of my nieces has enriched their lives and given them confidence. How my first Leader Dog puppy was career-changed and now lives with them. How many youngsters do you know that have "raising a Leader Dog puppy" on their "bucket list?" (How many kids do you know at all that even HAVE a bucket list?)

My niece, Sofia, poses with me and my first FLD Rosie at Leader Dogs the day Rosie returned for formal training. Rosie spent nine months at Leader Dog, trying to find a suitable "match." She finally gave up and now lives with Sofia.

But I kept coming back to my PARENTS
How my love of dogs affects my relationship with them; and how my dogs have affected THEM.

This is a time when I'm grateful that my parents probably don't read my blog--once my mother told me, "I'm just not interested." That I've tackled the subject has made me realize that many of YOU probably have had the same reservations. Perhaps this is why I haven't had an outpouring of submissions.

That's okay.

The ADBC is not dead. It will come back in July with a new topic, one that might prove easier to tackle.

So. Tune in later tonight when I post my submission to the 7th ADBC: "The affecting effect of dogs..."

And keep in mind--you still have time to submit a post of your own! (If you'd like to do so anonymously, email me at pattibrehler at gmail dot com, and I will arrange a way for you to post on my blog.)



  1. Sorry, I was completely planning to enter, but my computer freaked out yesterday and wouldn't let me write a blog post. :(


    1. Erin! Please, please, please write a post! I'm not "publishing" until the 15th, so if you can get it done before that, I'll include it!