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Thursday, May 3, 2012

ADBC Deadline One Week Away!

Only one week to the deadline for the 7th Assistance Dog Blog Carnival!

As of today, I have three submissions.  


I'm guilty myself of pushing the deadline, so I know there is still time.

To spur some thought on the subject ("How has a working dog in your life IMPACTED other people and/or relationships in  your life?"), here is a comment my friend made after I posted a link to the ADBC on FaceBook:

sorry I wasn't following favorite topic...I would hope that the working dogs do not crush or bruise the people or relationships in one's life...

Looks like I am not the only one who likes wordplay! Subsequently, my friend sent me the following email, expressing her dislike of the word "impact." (FYI, she is not an assistance dog puppy-raiser, trainer, or handler. Her exposure to the working dog world is through me--and she is very supportive!)

Hi patti:

I apologize for joining the discussion late. In fact, I don't know if this is relevant at all, but here is where I landed on "impact." Thank you for the indulgence of my personal spin.

OK, I give....but not without a fight. I'll chalk it up to the general disdain a "child of the 60's" had for business and it's warped use of language. Living in the business world for several decades does not lessen the skin crawl, it neutralizes the affect (or is that...impact) somewhat. New twists on words are created and popularized annually.

Here's what the OED [Oxford English Dictionary] says, after, of course, acknowledging the use of "impact" as a verb (adverb, as well):
The phrasal verb impact on, as in when produce is lost, it always impacts on the bottom line, has been in the language since the 1960s. Many people disapprove of it, saying that make an impact on or other equivalent wordings should be used instead. This may be partly because, in general, new formations of verbs from nouns (as in the case of impact, action, and task) are regarded as somehow inferior; in addition, since the verbal use of impact is associated with business and commercial writing, it has the unenviable status of 'jargon,' which makes it doubly disliked. Compare with enthuse (usage).
I'll continue to "doubly dislike" the overuse of that rather violent word, but will not crusade (OK, it was a gentle protest) against its use any more. I know that my personal use of language has deteriorated through the degree that I probably don't even recognize my own errors.

Oh, what we won't give up! But at least I now know why.

So, here are additional thought provokers, inspired by my friend:

Does your assistance dog "crush or bruise the people or relationships" in your life?

How does the raising, training, or handling of an assistance dog make an impact on your "bottom line?"

How has the presence of a working dog (whether raising or handling) affected your work life?

Let's get those submissions in!



  1. Wow. As an interested bystander and great admirer of volunteer puppy-raisers, I find this post fascinating. I hesitate to weigh-in given my novice understanding of the act in which I respect so much. I'm certainly returning to see where the conversation and reflections go as I think this could be applied to many realms of life.

    (Oh, and yes, this certainly makes me your newest follower as I'm already hooked.)

    Happy seeing beautiful!

    1. Lydia! Thanks for stopping by, and becoming my newest follower! And thank you for "Seeing Beautiful"--I've shared it on FaceBook nieces are wonderful examples of seeing beautiful.

  2. So much to ponder and write on this one. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome, Becky! I hope that you'll be writing a post to submit. :)