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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ADBC Call for Submissions--TAKE 2

Today was to have been the deadline for the 7th Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. (To learn more about the ADBC, visit Sharon Waschler's blog post: "About the ADBC.")

Unfortunately, I have received only one submission (thank you Lyssa!), and a few requests for a deadline extension.

TWO weeks from today.
Mark your calendars!

MAY 9.

To (hopefully) make things simpler, I will clarify and narrow the topic for this edition. I apologize if my convoluted sense of humor with the always-pesky words effect/affect caused anyone grief.

The following question is really what I intended.

"How has a working dog in your life IMPACTED other people and/or the relationships in your life?"

This can be how raising a puppy, training a service dog, or being the handler of a service dog has effected the people around you. Good and Bad. Better or Worse. Fun and/or not-so-fun. If you'd care to, share how it has impacted your relationships with them and what you are doing to deal with the situation.

A comment made on my blog by a handler's spouse about the effect of "having an animal in the house" is what set me thinking.
By scarletsfire on my page "Why I Raise Puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind"
As the wife of a LD partner I can tell you that our lives have indeed been enriched. We are blessed beyond measure and greatly reap the benefits of the work of fabulous volunteers and trainers. As hesitant as I was to have an animal in the house, thanks to all the work it has been smooth sailing. Who knew there was such a thing as doggie etiquette? But thanks to the teaching that our LD come to us with, there hasn't been much to adjust too. But there have however been a lot of things to love about having a LD around. You all really make it easy for us non-partners to get accustomed to having a LD around.

To read my original post calling for submissions, follow this link: 7th ADBC.

Lyssa took my original topic to heart and wrote about the effect of raising and training her own assistance dog. Check out her insightful story,  "The Knightly effect."

To participate in the 7th ADBC, make a comment on this post with the following information:

1.  The name of your blog (for example: "plays with puppies")
2.  The title of  your ADBC post (for example: "My Father Hates Dogs")
3.  The link (URL) to your ADBC post: (for example: "http://yourblogname/postname")

I am up to the task of compiling the overwhelming amount of posts I will get on this topic. BURY ME WITH POSTS!

I will publish a synopsis with links to all posts by MAY 15.


  1. Shweet. I fully intended to get a post together, but life told me that it wouldn't be in the cards. Guess it still is.

  2. Just seeing this after the deadline. If you still want a post, I will try to do one this weekend.

    1. khills--the deadline has been extended to MAY 9, so, you still have time! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Here is my information for my carnival blog post:

    Shai Ezer-Helper Beside Me

    Not Easily Broken: Dancing With Shai

    1. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. My first carnival. Was hoping I did it right. Thanks!

    1. Well, welcome to the Carnival, you did just fine!

  5. Blog: After Gadget
    Post: Service Dogs & Friends: Familiarity Breeds...Confusion?

    1. Sharon, thank you for posting. Your post is thoughtful and true. So often when training puppies/dogs I think, "it's the people who don't get it! The dog is fine." Unfortunately, as you pointed out, when people don't "get it" it makes it so much more difficult for the dog.

  6. Thank you so much for hosting and especially for extending the deadline of the carnival, Patti! I felt really bad that I didn't get a post up in time. I had several ideas for the theme, but I just never managed to get anything written up before I went on my trip.

    Anyway... here's my post:
    Blog: Dog's Eye View
    Post: Impacts on Relationships

    1. L^2--Thank you so much for sharing how having your guide dogs has effected the relationships in your life--both positively and negatively. Even as a puppy-raiser I sometimes get tired of the educational aspect of working with my puppy in public--but perhaps the "training" we puppy-raisers provide for the public will make it easier for the end-users (such as yourself) to have an easier time.