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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Remembered

On assignment.
Rose City Memorial Day Commemoration.

Flags at attention.

Andy and FLD Scout hang with me as I cover the town's ceremony for the Ogemaw County Voice. Under a brilliantly blue sky, the Rose City Middle School Band leads the rest of the students in a march to City Park. I am pleased when Scout holds her sit as they file around us.

The Rose City 5th through 8th grade bands entertain the crowd before the Memorial Day ceremony.
Andy and FLD Scout are respectful during the national anthem.

After the patriotic concert, four local VFW leaders honor veterans who have fallen. They solemnly share the reading of names; almost 60 Ogemaw County vets have passed since last Memorial Day.

Veterans of Foreign Wars blast WWI Springfield '03 rifles in a salute. Residents bow their heads and remember.

I'm in the crowd shooting photographs when the guns spurt flame and smoke between the long line of flags. Andy tells me later, "Scout was lying down and she jumped up when they went off the first time. The second time she raised her head and the last time she just stood in place."

To those who have given the ultimate in sacrifice, FLD Scout salutes you.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks GirlRural! It was a moving and beautiful day. And I was very proud of FLD Scout. ;)

  2. Beautiful honor to the wonderful people who give so much of their lives for us. In a way, it's what assistance dogs do too. They give so we may have a fuller life. Oh, I love it. Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. Thanks, Lydia! Service is service, all around!

  4. What a beautiful message and lovely comments. Thank you.

  5. I took Breezy to our Memorial Day parade. She did not like the drums! I hope I didn't scare her too much. At the 4th of July parade I'll sit back a little farther.

    1. Awww...well, hopefully Breezy (I like the name!) recovered quickly from her scare. Good idea about the 4th of July. FLD Scout is now much, much more comfy with kids after several visits to our 2nd grade class for desensitization!