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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winter Break - Take 1

On a crispy winter-break morning, Elaina said, "I'm going for a run. It's conditioning for soccer." Natalie wanted to run with her. I said, Why don't you take Rosie?
Sofia said, "I'll walk," and agreed to take Gus. He's a very good walker, I told her.
I came along with FLD Scout, who, on this particular morning, wasn't a very good walker.
I don't think she liked seeing Rosie leave us in the dust.
Sporting a white and black panda hat, Sofia and Gus wait for me and FLD Scout.
It is exactly one mile from our house on the top of the hill south to Wiltse Road. Elaina, Nat, and Rosie were a half-mile gone before I caught up to Sofia and Gus, who waited patiently for me to walk Scout backwards every time she put tension on the leash.
FLD Scout and I never made it all the way to Wiltse Road.

Elaina smiles, in spite of her hill effort coming back from Wiltse Road.
Elaina came charging up the first hill on her return mile. Natalie trudged behind with Rosie. There are no hills like these in their downstate suburban neighborhood.
My nieces lead the's uphill home, from every direction!
FLD Scout and I turned homeward--I figured with all my backwards-walking I got the distance in.

Go on ahead, I said to Sofia and Natalie. We'll get there.
My three nieces (and Rosie) came north with Andy when he came home from downstate business one Sunday night in February. Their mom, my sister Anne, would be up later in the week to spend a couple of relaxing days and then drive them back in time for weekend soccer games. Get ready for some picture-tales of our fun-filled week!


  1. .... I always count the backwards steps LOL!

    1. That's too funny! I don't think I could count that high...