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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Winter Break - Take 3 Harmony

When Natalie started to practice, baritone notes careened off knotty-pine walls and our house echoed like a sound box on steroids. Sofia ran downstairs to snatch her trumpet and join in.

Quite the concert ensued, missing only the round sounds of Elaina's French horn.

I don't know why she didn't join in.

Nat and Sofia belt it out.
As if losing interest, Natalie slid to the floor from her perch on Andy's desk chair. Sofia  continued alone, tooting to class-lesson music spread precariously on the metal stand.

Suddenly, Sofia's tune turned peppy. Nat started bouncing along on her b*tt, the baritone nearly engulfing her.

It was like her fingers had a mind of their own. They danced on the valves. She licked her lips and kissed the mouthpiece with a smack. A jazzy slew of notes erupted, weaving in and out of Sofia's structured song.

Sofia and Natalie share a magical moment. Gypsy rolls her eyes.

Always the critic, Gypsy wasn't impressed.

But I was.

FLD Scout wasn't sure. Here she checks out that shiny thing that makes noise.


  1. How fun! I love the sound of music, whether mastered or just beginning!

    1. They actually sound pretty good! (I did get to hear the French horn when Elaina practiced later downstairs...)