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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Puppy Police 4

Officer’s notes at the scene of the crime.

At a little after noon on March 28, 2012, two black Labs were seen in close proximity to the homeowner’s garden gloves, which were on the living room floor—not where they were left, or where they belonged.

Witness Statements
Witness #1, wife of witness #2, was working on her computer in her office. She said she noticed the noise level from the dogs roughhousing in the living room get suddenly lower. Suspicious, she got up from her chair to take a peek. She reported that at the moment of getting out of her chair, she distinctly heard two soft “plops” from said room. Upon entering the room, she spotted her dog, Gus, and her Future Leader Dog Scout, next to each other, standing with lowered heads conspicuously over each of her garden gloves.
Witness said she ran back into her room for her camera to record the scene, but both dogs retreated to the vicinity of Witness #2. She called them back and had them “sit” in approximately the same positions in which she found them, and took two pictures.
The witness admitted that she had left her gloves within the dogs’ reach on the seat of a nearby Lazy-boy chair, after working in the Habitat for Humanity ReStore warehouse with her husband that morning. “I know I should have put them where they belonged,” she said, “but I was planning to go out into the woods after lunch to cut some trees down for next year’s wood pile.”

Witness #2, Andy, was working at his desk at the north end of the living room. He did not notice anything as he had his back to the scene of the crime, but he did turn to look when Witness #1 exclaimed, “look at these dogs!” and saw them standing over the gloves.

Pictures taken by Witness #1:

FLD Scout and cc'd Gus, sitting sheepishly by the stolen gloves.

FLD Scout looks at Gus as if she's saying, "We're in trouble, aren't we?" Gus looks back as if he replies, "That's another fine mess you've got me into!"

Puppy Police Theft Report
Town of:  Lupton                  Date: 3/28/12
Witness #1:  patti
Witness #2:  Andy

Suspect Descriptions: 
1)   A female black shaggy Lab, about 8 months old, weight pushing 50 pounds, with bedroom eyes, wearing a red collar with a Leader Dog tag, # P-9412, and a red Ogemaw County dog tag.
2)   A larger black male Lab with a shiny coat, weighing over 60 pounds, wearing a neon-orange collar with a red Ogemaw County dog tag.

At approximately noon on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, witness #1 heard a change in the volume of play noises coming from her living room. Upon investigation, she found the two suspects standing with their heads hanging down in front of her garden gloves, which were lying on the floor. Witness #1 took two pictures of the suspects, after the fact. Witness #2 did not observe the theft, nor the subsequent illegal playing of said gloves. There was no damage to the gloves and Witness #1 removed them from the scene. Charges were not filed at this time. The officer was gratified to see that the suspects did, in fact, have the proper tags on their collars, and did suggest that the homeowner be more diligent in putting her things away.


  1. Looks like any jury would come to the same conclusion!

  2. LOVE IT.. both are guilty and should be fined with loves and kisses

  3. Thomas--I will start their punishment immediately!

  4. I love that last "guilty" picture posted! We enjoyed chatting with you last night at the fire station and look forward to exploring your blog.

    Linda, Lee and Fairbanks

    1. Linda and Lee! It was great meeting you, and Fairbanks, too! Have fun with exploring, I've been at it a while. And remember to look us up whenever you come north!