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Friday, March 30, 2012

Take Down

FLD Scout claps her castanet teeth like a wild Spanish dancer.  SNAP, SNAP, SNAP!

She latches on to Gus's new collar and yanks. He's relaxing on the floor, minding his own business at the end of the day.

Scout yanks harder and budges him a few inches off of his spot. He sinks his head back to flatten himself, an un-moveable rock, but Scout heaves a little harder. She manages to scoot him a little further.

Gus gets up and shakes off Scout's grip.

The Lab-wrestling match is on.

Gus goes for her throat. Scout flips onto her shoulder and somersaults her body to break his grip.

Gus stands over the prone Scout and drops his weight across her for the count. There are no snapping castanets now--he clutches Scout's muzzle completely in his mouth, holding it closed.

There's more than one way to prevail over an almost-9-month-old pain-in-the-kiester puppy!


  1. Haha, I love the way this was written! It reminds me so much of my dogs when they play. (One of them, though 2 years old, still thinks she is VERY much a puppy!)

  2. Thanks Emma! Dogs will be puppies, no matter how old they get!

  3. so cute! i could see the play-by-play. :)

  4. Thanks TexWisGirl! Maybe I could have another career as a Lab-wrestling announcer on the radio.