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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Tired Out FLD Gus?

A very tired FLD Gus.

Not the hour-and-a-half drive after a weeks visit at Margaret's.
Not Lab-wrestling with Rosie.
Not puppy-class at Leader Dogs for the Blind.
Not the late-night hanging out at Anne's afterwards.

Not the 6:00 am wake-up the next morning.
Not the hours waiting in the truck while I visited my mom and dad.
Not the short walk we took around my folks' condo complex.
Not the shopping trip through Meijer's.
Not the 2-mile walk through our old neighborhood.
Not our puppy-group meeting at the Clinton-Macomb Library.

A worried Gypsy in the townhouse as I pack.

Not Gypsy's anxiety as she worried about me packing up the truck.
Not the long drive north to return home.

FLD Gus does not want to be bothered.

Nope...could not have been any of these things.  No sirrreee.

"Just leave me alone!"

Hmmmm...could it have been the check-out-the-dead-trees-for-next-winters-wood hike through old snow around our "patch" with Andy and Gypsy?

THAT must have been what tired out FLD Gus.

Yes, most definitely.

FLD Gus drags himself up, turns, and flops down to a spot of sunshine.


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