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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Return of FLD Gus

I'll be picking up FLD Gus tomorrow from his mini-vacation with fellow puppy-raiser Margaret.  That is, IF she'll give him up!

FLD Gus, BEFORE his vacation with Margaret.

I wonder if he has grown noticeably.

Two weeks ago before his puppy-class at Leader Dogs for the Blind, Gus weighed in at 49.5 pounds.  My guess is he will top 50 at tomorrow's class, maybe even 51.

Gypsy has spent the last few days with cc'd Rosie and my nieces.

I'm thinking there might be a "puppy party" tomorrow night!

Mom is recovering well and doesn't need my around-the-clock-assistance any longer.  I'm glad she is getting her strength back.  And I'll be glad to head home to my "patch" in the beautiful north woods in a few more days.  But.  I'll miss her and Dad.  In spite of her pain, it has been a very special week.

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