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Monday, March 7, 2011

FLD Gus's Overnights


Last Wednesday afternoon FLD Gus popped up onto my seat, eager to exit the van.  I parked on the snow-banked street across from Kristina's house; there was no room for me to open the passenger-side door where Gus had been lying on the floor during our drive.

Gus, wait, I commanded, blocking him from leaping out of the driver's side before I clipped my darkly softened leather leash to his collar.

The street was clear.  Okay, I said.  Good thing I had a strong hold on the leash as Gus barged past me.  He pulled toward the house like he remembered spending a fun few days here in the fall.

Kristina and her family raised FLD Molly, sister-puppy to LD Mike. (Molly is currently in training at Leader Dogs for the Blind; way to go, Molly!)  Kristina decided against raising a second puppy right away--schedules for four kids keep this family very busy through the school year.  Even so, she graciously agreed to squeeze in an overnight visit for FLD Gus while I kept my dad company on Thursday at Beaumont Hospital--my mom had her left hip replaced.  Ouch.

Mom's doctor reported that her operations was "textbook."  She was happy when he told her, "You were easy because you are SO THIN!"  Surgery was successful, now for her recovery...


It has been a jam-packed, difficult week for FLD Gus since we came south last Tuesday; here is a look at Gus's schedule:
  • TUESDAY--long drive to our townhouse; Lab-wrestling with Rosie at the girls' house in the afternoon; puppy-class in the evening at Leader Dogs for the Blind.
  • WEDNESDAY--early morning shopping spree at Sam's Club; overnight at Kristina's.
  • THURSDAY--a busy day with Kristina and family; late pickup by Andy.
  • FRIDAY--crate time after breakfast (while I visited at the hospital) until early afternoon; two-mile-walk with me, Andy, and Gypsy through the neighborhood; working dinner at Pei-Wei's with Jen, Jeff, and Andy.  (I always choke back a snicker when, after I ask permission to bring my Future Leader Dog puppy into a store or restaurant, the manager says something like, "Well, as long as the dog is up to date on his shots and he doesn't bite anyone or anything like that.")
  • SATURDAY--crate time after breakfast (another hospital visit for me) until mid-afternoon; crate time after dinner while Andy and I visited friends.
  • MONDAY (today)--a short walk with Andy after breakfast (I stayed at my folks' overnight to assist my mom, who came home from the hospital Sunday!); crate time while Andy worked; a one-mile-walk and run in the park with me and Gypsy after lunch; more crate time for the afternoon when I returned to my parents' condo.


This evening Andy is dropping FLD Gus off for a stay with Margaret, a veteran puppy-raiser who raised another one of LD Mike's sisters, Claire.  (Claire is scheduled to be placed with her handler this week...congratulations!)

Thank you, Margaret, for coming to Gus's rescue.  This seven-month-old puppy needs to be worked and exercised, more than I can do for him during my "care-giving" mission the rest of this week.


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