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Friday, March 18, 2011

Poetry: FLD Gus Heels Down a Country Road

On Brady Road, looking south.

"Future Leader Dog Gus heels down a country road"

no wild romp in the woods today

baby-blue working vest on
we walk south along Brady Road
which ripples past our house like a shaken rug
stones scattered across the ditch
the snow plows thrust, we hear traffic
long before it arrives
and have time
to step off the pavement onto the shoulder

Gus's nose drops

deer tracks
gouged in wet gravel are like magnets pulling steel
I say leave it
his head jerks up
as if the magnet just flipped over

Gus straightens, detecting
a pair of geese circling above a pond
honking to announce a threesome launch from water laced ice,
wings whacking wind
for lift

he bounces,
and does not break his heel

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