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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do You Have What it Takes?

Puppy raisers needed!!!
Last night, FLD Mike and I attended our "Beyond Basics" puppy class at Leader Dogs for the Blind. Here we learned that the organization is in dire need of new puppy raisers.  If you yearn to make a difference in someone's life, if you love dogs and want to learn more about training them, if you want to meet people (wherever you take your Future Leader Dog you are never alone!), if you are able to commit the time and energy necessary to raise a confident, happy, and friendly dog, then this is your opportunity!  Go to Leader Dog's Puppy Raiser Application site and apply now.  You will never regret it.

FLD Mike and I, like other puppy-raisers for Leader Dogs for the Blind, are assigned a "puppy-counselor."  Our puppy-counselor, Nance, is raising her 12th Future Leader Dog puppy, a female yellow lab named Sunny (that's her in the picture).  Nance also hosts a golden retriever breeding mom, Koni.  Koni has produced two litters, eight puppies in each (6 females, 2 males in July 2009, 5 females and 3 males in January 2010).

Nance gives me (and FLD Mike) lots of encouragement and advice when we need it.  She also organizes outings for groups of puppy-raisers so our puppies learn to behave in public with other dogs.

Last Wednesday we spoke to students and staff in a Library Fair at Macomb County Community College.  The puppies were a big hit, although the littlest one, Emma, got very tired!

On Friday, a group of raisers met Nance in downtown Rochester at the Bean and Leaf Cafe.  We had coffee and visited, hoping to observe some Leader Dog teams in training.  And we did!  All the puppies stayed calm and relaxed in spite of lots of coffee-drinkers going in and out during our two hour stay.  One customer almost ran over FLD Mike's paw with her stroller, but he didn't even budge.

Why don't YOU consider volunteering to become a puppy raiser for Leader Dogs for the Blind?

If you have any questions about what it takes to raise a Future Leader Dog, please feel free to leave a comment, or email me from my profile page.

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