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Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Pinch me out of my dream."

Rosie thinks she's gotten out of Leader Dog responsibilities, but the mission she has now might be just as vital--being present while three precious girls grow up, listening to whispered secrets with abandon, slopping well-timed kisses as she offers a supple coat to bury tears.

I see in her the proud and confident dog that I left at Leader Dogs so many months ago and not the fur-flying, leash-pulling lab we picked up after her career-change.  She's settled into her new home nicely.

I watch as Rosie nudges each niece off-and-on during the evening I am with them, as she lifts her head when she hears one of them move about in another room and then gets up to check, as she turns into a wiggly-waggly bundle of joy when Anne gets home from school.

Rosie is definitely their dog now.


"It's hard to believe that Rosie, was once a tiny and playful, puppy. Now, she is a beautiful, obedient dog. -sofia"
(Post by Sofia on FaceBook after my evening with them.)

"Now I have nothing else to wish for!" 
(When she realized that Rosie was to be HER dog.)

"Mom.  Pinch me out of my dream." 
(As we left on the first "family walk" with Rosie, FLD Mike, and Gypsy.)

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