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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Morning Sport--Two-on-One

FLD Scout and Gus wake up exuberant. Gypsy, not so much. But they all want to play with me. After breakfast, I indulge them.

Now that Gus is career-changed, I can toss him things to fetch. Or catch. He has to learn to do both.

I pick up a small red Kong and have three dogs at instant attention. Catch it, I say to Gus with a toss. He leaps into the air like a Michael Jordan about to dunk, but whiffs it--the Kong slips through his paws and rebounds crazily away, quite unlike a basketball. Somehow, he touches down and beats the other two, snatches it up, and brings it back to me.

He's got retrieval down. 

This time I toss the Kong toward the far end of our living-room court. This time Gus flies up with four paws tucked to his body and amazingly twists himself around in mid-air. He whiffs it again, but this time he forgets about the landing.

WHAMM! He shakes the court as he slams the floor. He recovers, but not fast enough this time to get to the Kong before Gypsy. 

It's a standoff. Gus, at the far end of the court, feigns a steal. Gypsy faces off with him, her growls muffled with a mouthful of Kong. Scout lingers near me, weighing her options.

Gypsy drops the Kong to heighten her threat and Gus bounces backwards into a play-bow. She snarls and barks. Gus echoes with a deeper WOOOOF. Scout has her eye on the Kong, which has taken a defensive rebound away from Gypsy. 

Scout lowers her head, crouches like a stealth-cat, and creeps forward, one sneaky paw at a time. Gypsy yowls to the ceiling and has no clue that Scout is about to steal the Kong.

Kong-in-mouth, Scout nonchalantly turns away and wanders back to the living room proper, as if nothing untoward has occurred. 

But Gus sees all. He bullets past a still-howling Gypsy and carries on the action with Scout, who is more than happy to share a grapple.

FLD Scout and Gus--best buds.

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