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Monday, December 19, 2011

Picture This...

...because if I got up to get my camera, the moment would be lost.

Evening time means relaxing with my sweetie on the couch. Gypsy commands the loveseat. Gus sometimes tries to snuggle with us above, but he's too big. He settles for the floor instead, and cozies up close to the couch.

Scout wiggles by and after a few licks and scratches, she nuzzles on the floor against Gus.

Last night, it was spooning, head-to-tail. Scout just fits the space between Gus's front and rear legs when he lies on his side.

I roll over to sneak a peak and now Gus is on his back, rear legs spread wide, front legs curled in an up-side-down leap. His jowls flap open with gravity. Scout has scooted end-to-end with him on her belly, laying her head between his back legs.

Puppy-porn, I say to Andy. He leans forward to see and the creak of the couch causes Scout to lift her head, always ready for the next thing. Gus rolls to his side.

I need to remember to grab my camera BEFORE hitting the couch!


  1. I agree with that last sentence! LOL!

  2. Thanks Dr Momi! Tonight I will try to remember, in fact, I think I'll place it next to the couch RIGHT NOW!

  3. Thanks GirlRural! So, tonight, camera at the ready--what happens? Gus puts himself to bed in his crate and Scout hits Gypsy's bed. No puppy-porn for the camera tonight!

  4. LMAO! Looooove it. You know that alertness may lend itself well to Miss Scout choosing to work? :)

  5. Jess-I didn't think of that! But you're right--Scout will need to be "present" for her handler at all times.