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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Assignment. West Branch Puppy Outing

The pre-winter storm that hammered the Bay City area didn't hit our northeastern corner of the state last night. The wind howled and moaned in the trees, but only the stars filled the night sky. At mid-morning, when Phyllis and Dick pulled up in their monster van to pick up FLD Scout and me for a puppy-outing, they sky burned blue and clear.

FLD Scout peered up into the van when I opened the side door. It was too high a jump for her, so I scooped her in. Camera bag, Leader Dog puppy-clean-up bag, and hand bag bopped her from my shoulder; she didn't care. She spotted FLD Autumn hunkered down between the two front seats.

FLD Autumn is a full-of-herself 8-week-old yellow lab. Phyllis and Dick picked her up from Leader Dogs for the Blind not long after they returned LD mom Amber's eight bouncing black lab puppies. Dick said, "One is a lot easier than eight!"

During the 20-mile drive to West Branch to meet Tammy (and FLD Ruckus) and Judy (and FLD JD) for some group socialization at the Tanger Outlet mall (and lunch at the LumberJack), Scout and Autumn went from crazy-wild-puppy-play to puppies-asleep-in-a-pile.

FLD Autumn flies to play with FLD Scout.


Tired puppies--and we haven't even reached West Branch yet!

I think they are going to be good friends.


FLD Autumn begs FLD JD to play, but...working bandanas are on means it is time to go to work.

FLD Scout shows FLD Autumn how to hold a SIT/STAY.

I always like the commotion BEFORE a group photo is taken! Phyllis has FLD Autumn under control, but the others have their hands full. Sam with FLD JD, Dick with FLD Scout, Judy and Tammy with FLD Ruckus.

It was a beautiful sunny day and FLD Autumn decides to make the most of it.

Thanks, Tammy, for getting this together!

(Story to follow in the next issue of the Ogemaw County Voice.)


  1. Cute pictures....Autumn and Scout look like great pals :-)

  2. They surely are! Tonight we met up at our town's Christmas tree lighting and they just wanted to play again. But, time to work.