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Monday, November 28, 2011

Fourth Puppy Syndrome

I think I'm suffering from "4th-puppy-syndrome."

Not taking as many pictures of FLD Scout. Not blogging as often.  Just going with the flow.

I could rationalize it.

Frequent trips downstate. Puppy-counselor duties. Too busy with writing assignments for the Ogemaw County Voice. Cutting and stacking wood.

But I won't. FLD Scout is a very easy puppy, and now that Gus is home the two of them keep each other amused.

In photos, let me show you how my 4th Future Leader Dog puppy has grown--and some of the places she's been!


FLD Scout at a puppy-outing to Lake Superior State College, posing next to a Leader Dogs for the Blind working harness. She looks as if she's thinking, "I can do it!"


FLD Scout makes herself comfortable in the sometimes-very-uncomfortable stadium, arena, or gymnasium stands!

Here FLD Scout snoozes through Elaina's Cousino High School Marching Band performance. Drum lines, no problem!

FLD Scout yawns with a wee bit of "stress" after walking around the Lake Superior State hockey arena--blaring music, thick crowds, food distractions on the ground, all while passing other Future Leader Dog puppies walking the other direction. (Puppy-counselor Tammy holds FLD Scout so I can take a picture.)

That little bit of stress wasn't enough to prevent FLD Scout from taking a nap in the stands during the game. Even with slamming hockey pucks and players checking each other into the boards right in front of us!

FLD Scout followed the basketball for awhile during the benefit game between the Habitat Hoops and the Harlem Ambassadors at Ogemaw Heights High School. But then, nodded out again!


FLD Scout is suddenly big enough to wear her baby-blue "Leader Dog in Training" jacket. No more tiny bandana for her!

A group of FLDs and their raisers pose at the MBS Airport near Midland during a recent outing. We all got "patted down" in security--including the puppies!
FLD Scout in a nice "down/stay" while I re-lace my boots after going through security at the airport.

No Scout, we already went through security. The nice TSA man just wants to pet you.

Checking out the moving luggage turnstile. FLD Scout acts like she could have a second career as a bomb-sniffing dog.

It's not ALL work for FLD Scout!

Gus looks like he's advising FLD Scout...
...Gus says, "Look Scout, you get a BIG stick, like this!"
"Like this?" Scout asks.
Gus shows Scout what to do after playing all day.
Scout is learning!

The following two photos were taken during a recent visit at my sister's home downstate.

Scout thinks, "THIS is more comfortable!" Gus isn't convinced.
But maybe THIS is! Gus and Scout pile up with Sofia and Natalie.

Little Scout is growing up!


  1. Jo Whitman here! Scout looks so much like Kira--but Kira was never that sleepy! I'll bet Gus is a HUGE help. I don't think we could ever have raised Kira without Shannon. Shannon has gained 15 pounds since Kira's return. Beautiful pictures! Brings back so many memories. Keep up the good work, Scout!

  2. Hey Jo! Well, Scout isn't sleepy ALL the time! :) And yes, having Gus is a big help. Glad you enjoyed the memories. Thanks!

  3. It sounds like Scout is having lots of fun. :)

    I sent you an email about the boots. Let me know if you don't get it; sometimes my Gmail account doesn't cooperate very well.

  4. L^2--yes, Scout is having a blast. (I did get your email, thank you!)

  5. Way cute pictures....I totally enjoyed them!