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Monday, October 4, 2010

Why I CONTINUE to Raise Puppies for Leader Dogs for the Blind

I began simply enough:  PUPPY LUST.  Puppy breath, tiny and fuzzy ball of fur.  The satisfaction of training an animal, developing a bond.

One puppy.  Two puppies.  Now a third.

Why am I doing it again?

Because I can.  

And because someone has to. 

There are blind and visually impaired people who need a dog to guide them safely, enabling mobility and independence.

Yes, it is difficult to give the puppy back to Leader Dogs for the Blind when he or she turns one year old.  But the puppy adapts and adjusts and thrives in a learning environment.  If we're lucky, and the puppy chooses the "exceptional" life, he or she will go on to bond with a new person.  It won't be work all the time, in fact, I question that the Leader Dog considers it work at all--to accompany his or her person everywhere, to use his or her exceptional mind.  Wouldn't all dogs be more balanced with such focus in their lives?

Three puppies.  It is likely I won't stop here.

The third (and current):  FLD Gus.

The second (currently training at Leader Dogs for the Blind):  FLD Mike.

The first (cc'd in March 2010):  FLD Rosie.

Why don't YOU consider raising a puppy for Leader Dogs for the Blind?  You will never regret it!

Click here for more information.

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