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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Note to Self

It doesn't matter if I'm tired and sore from helping Andy get shipments ready in the Habitat for Humanity MI ReStore warehouse most of the day before; it doesn't matter that I walked the puppy two miles yesterday; it doesn't matter that the wind makes my fall-allergy-sinuses feel like my face is the "target" assistant to a ham-fisted knife-thrower from a second-rate circus.

Taking the puppy outside to "park" and chase around with Gypsy several times today didn't cut it.  Neither did a 20 minute session of obedience command work after he spent three hours in his crate while Andy and I visited my folks after dinner.

A three-month-old black lab puppy needs a walk EVERY DAY!

FLD Gus and I are walking tomorrow...

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